Instructional DVD

Ora-Light DVD

The Ora-Light oral motor exercise system is an exiting new therapy tool that targets and maximizes rehabilitation outcomes for patients with oral motor deficits. The Ora-Light oral motor exercise system is ideal for patients with weak or dysfunctional oral muscles that limit their ability to effectively speak, swallow or chew. The Ora-Light oral motor exercise system can also be utilized in children’s therapy for functional articulation disorders, swallowing and tongue thrusting therapy.

The Ora-Light DVD demonstrates the proper placement and use of the four Ora-Light exercise tools. Five exercises are demonstrated for each of the four Ora-Light tools including; 1) assisted movement exercise; 2) isometric exercise; 3) isotonic strengthening exercise; 4) precision and accuracy of articulated sounds; 5) swallowing exercise. Patients who experience this therapy are highly motivated to succeed as a result of positive feedback that is provided by improvement in functional competence.