Using Ora-Light


Ora-Light® - your effective partner in effective rehabilitation!

The Ora-Light® System has been formulated after many years of clinical experience (see clinical references on back page). These handheld therapeutic tools have a handle portion protruding from between the lips and the other portion fitting against the hard palate.

A variety of shapes, called activators, on the palatal and the handle portions have been designed to facilitate the graduated learning and strengthening of specific tongue and lip movements required for speech and swallow. These activating shapes on the handle and palatal portions have textured surfaces to provide increased sensory feedback.

By incorporating these various, and other design features the Ora-light tool system provides the Speech Language Therapist the opportunity to retrain strength and movement patterns of the oral musculature by resistant movement techniques as well as with 'successive approximation' training in the strengthening exercises of the oral musculature required for speech and oral phase of swallowing.

A suggested protocol including 'successive approximation' and resistant movement training exercises can be seen by following the image below.

You and Ora-Light - dedicated to effective therapy

A 15-20 minutes exercise suggested protocol has been designed with the Ora-Light system. It uses resistant movements as well as combinations of vowel-consonant-vowel configurations for the bilabial, lingua-alveolar,and lingua-velar exercises for the successive approximation movements.

The Speech Language Therapist can modify the protocol to meet the specific needs of the individual. Please note that the therapy time and length of rehabilitation will differ dependent on the severity of the oral motor deficit.

Using Ora-Light oral motor exercise tools in the patients home environment and encouraging and motivating the patient is a vital element in the success of rehabilitation.

To help the Speech Language Therapist, we have designed clear to follow exercise guidelines. Baseline exercises are highlighted to indicate the level of the patients oral motor ability. Kapitex have included an easy to read user manual and interactive audio CD for patient use. This CD allows the patient to listen and repeat the exercises throughout the program in the comfort of their own home.